SL Casino – a VIP gambling house with an exclusive entertainment

11.04.2018 10:45

There is a new player in a VIP Baltic niche – SL Casino Riga belonging to Shangri La network, which has been working in CIS over the last 20 years. The casino is managed by Storm International, known for its strict rules, impeccable hospitality and fair play.

SL Casino – a VIP gambling house with an exclusive entertainment

SL Casino became the fourth Shangri La casino. The other three adorn the capital of Georgia, Belarus and Armenia. Moreover, Shangri-La Tbilisi was awarded a prestigious award and recognized as the best in Georgia, this once again confirms the company's high level.

Benefits of SL Casino

SL Casino has become a part of the elegant hotel casino in Riga - Grand Hotel Kempinski. The complex was opened after the general reconstruction in the autumn of 2017, and the opening of the gambling halls took place a month later.

Kempinski is the best choice to host an elite casino, as it offers its guests maximum advantages. The building is located in the beautiful historical center of Riga, surrounded by the main attractions of the country. At the same time, it is located 20 away from the airport.

Even the Grand Hotel Kempinski building is a historical monument. In the nineteenth century, there was a magnificent hotel "Rome", where European aristocracy and bohemians stayed. In Soviet times, it was called "Riga", one of the best in the USSR.

Renovation Kempinski performed according to all the rules applicable to elite complexes. Alex Kravetz Design from London worked on creating the image and interiors. On the studio account, there are dozens of successful reconstructions of European hotel networks.

SL Casino is designed in the same elegant Art Deco style as other Shangri La establishments. The design is dominated by soft tones. The rooms are decorated with exclusive wooden furniture, English carpets, fabrics from Italy and decors of European masters.

Everything you need for an exciting game

The gambling house occupies space on two floors with a total area of more than 600 square meters. On the ground floor, SL Casino has its own entrance. Through it, it's convenient to get into the spacious slot-hall and into the small sports bar.

The zone with slot machines offers more than fifty popular slots from the best world brands: Aristocrat, Cammegh, IGT, Novomatic and EGT. In a cozy bar, all conditions are created for you to relax while watching your favorite team.

The second floor is a zone of games on tables, there are 10 of them: American roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc. There is also a spacious lounge area.

In the new casino (Latvia), there are about a hundred employees. They speak Russian, Latvian and English.

SL Casino's exciting programs

The highlight of the Shangri La network is entertainment programs and prizes. On weekends and holidays, guests become participants in the show and original events.

In the cold season of 2018, a series of "Winter Fun" was held. Constant visitors of the casino could win a solid prize - up to 30 thousand euros.

In spring, there was a series of hot jackpots: hot Wednesdays and Fridays, “Spring Into Money”, black and super-hot Fridays. The sizes of prizes will force to race the hearts of even the most experienced players. Having made a bet on the machines in a few cents, you can break several hundred or even thousands of euros.

Gaming tours for travelers

Gaming tours is yet another area of SL Casino Riga repertoire. Guests are accommodated in the Grand Hotel Kempinski. The game program and budget are calculated individually.

Each guest is assigned a personal manager who can take on the issuance of a visa, booking tickets in both directions, transfer through the city, catering and much more.

More information about SL Casino can be found on the site

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